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Cute Dog Names –

I am a huge dog lover. I love all dogs and have three greyhounds that I adore.

Every dog deserves to have a name that fits the personality. Picking a dog name is not always easy. Some people need a little help to find the right name which is why I created this video that has a lot of really cute pet names. Maybe one of these names will be the right one for your new dog or puppy.

When naming your puppy or dog, you want to keep in mind the type of dog you have, the size of dog, your dogs personality, and how you want to dog to be perceived. If you use a name like Brutus, you’ll find that people will think your dog as tough or difficult. If you name your dog Tiny, people will think that you have a very small dog. It is human nature for people to associate a name to a type of dog or a behavior, and if the dog doesn’t fit the name, it just doesn’t seem right.

These dog names are some suggestions, there are plenty more ideas to be found.

If you would like to learn more about dogs, dog products, dog health — anything “dogs”, you can find it at Dog Affect.

In addition, some of my other passions include simple living and health issues.

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